A photo of me.

I am a C++ programmer with over a decade of experience working with a variety of in-house and publicly available game engines.

I have experience shipping products for console and PC, as well as several years of experience working on live service games.

I consider myself a generalist through and through; a tested and proven jack-of-all-trades.

I have a wide range of skills.

Just to name a few...


In my combined 10 years at Ubisoft I have had the opportunity to work alongside co-development studios around the world on-site, hybrid, and fully remote.
I am a strong communicator regardless of the organizational structure.

My background in client support is at the core of my working philosophy and I often find myself bridging the gaps between systems and teams. I pride myself on my reputation for being a pillar for my colleagues, as well as a pragmatic and effective developer of robust gameplay systems.


Ubisoft Montreal // January 2022 - August 2023
Ubisoft Montreal's studio logo.

Gameplay Programmer - Gameplay Systems

  • Responsible for save-game systems and the auto-save feature.
  • Support and development for many gameplay systems (inventory/items, loot, gameplay ingredients, etc.).
  • Implement powerful ImGui debug tools for programmers, designers, and QC
  • Optimization of high-impact gameplay systems, both client- and server-side.
Bethesda Game Studios Montreal // September 2020 - December 2021
Bethesda Game Studios' logo.

Generalist Programmer - Systems

  • Generalist support on systems team.
  • Established determinism for procedurally generated resources for the save system.
  • Supported development of runtime procedural systems.
  • Maintained the orbital simulation for celestial objects and related debugging tools
  • Optimization of visual effects.
An in-game screenshot of Starfield with a ringed planet in the sky above nearby mountains and an astronaut in the foreground. An in-game screenshot of Starfield, an astronaut standing on a rock looking out over a vast mountainous landscape with some creatures nearby.
Ubisoft Montreal // April 2015 - September 2020
Ubisoft Montreal's studio logo.

Generalist Programmer - Tools, UI

  • Procedural tools (Houdini) and UI features (in-house UI system) for Rainbow Six: Extraction.
  • UI features (Flash, in-house UI system) and supporting online and gameplay features for For Honor.
  • PC porting of UI features (Flash), exotic resolution support and keyboard and mouse control support on Rainbow Six: Siege.
An in-game screenshot from For Honor displaying the playlist menu. It displays the 4v4 player-versus-player mode, called Breach. An in-game screenshot from For Honor displaying the faceoff stage. Two teams of four players are lined up facing each other down with their name and various stats listed above their heads. An in-game screenshot from For Honor displaying the end of match scoreboard. The attackers were victorious. An in-game screenshot from For Honor displaying the matchmaking screen with a timer and several matchmaking parameters. An in-game screenshot from For Honor displaying the map selection page of the custom match options. A selectable list of maps is shown on the left with a larger preview of the selected map in the center. An in-game screenshot from For Honor displaying the game mode selection page of the custom match options. A selectable list of game modes is shown on the left with a detailed list of settings on the right.
Ubisoft Halifax (formerly Longtail Studios) // July 2012 - April 2015
Longtail Studios' logo.

Intermediate Programmer (Generalist)

  • Liaison for engine support issues for both the programming team and content creators.
  • Graphics and engine features; shaders, tool support, gameplay requirements.
  • General technical problem solving.
  • Engine, graphics and tools work for an unreleased mobile project.
  • Authored and maintained systems and tools for future projects.
An in-game screenshot from Rocksmith's Chordead minigame. Two zombies approach the player, a chord displayed above each. An in-game screenshot from Rocksmith's Scale Racer minigame. Lanes of traffic appear with fret numbers while a helicopter hovers overhead. An in-game screenshot from Rocksmith's Star Chords minigame. An enemy ship can be seen from the player's cockpit point of view. A chord is displayed beside the targeting reticle. An in-game screenshot from Sports Connection's American football minigame. The quarterback is preparing to throw while defenders approach. An in-game screenshot from Sports Connection's baseball minigame. A wide shot of the baseball diamond, placed in a lush park surrounded by a dense city skyline.
Ubisoft Quebec City // June 2011 - July 2012
Ubisoft Quebec City's studio logo.

Technical Support Programmer - Engine

  • Solving technical problems related to engine/tools software and console hardware
  • Implementing and debugging and fixing engine features.
  • Integrating patches and client feature requests directly in their branch.

A PDF copy of my resume is available here .